Ez-Now Services is a company to help your business with their computer needs.

We offer support services for your company networks and web sites.

We now offer a Group Calendar and Timeclock for your company.
Sign up for our services and start using a Group Calendar, or a new company Timeclock within hours.

Ez-Calendar is a group calendar to keep track of all of your employees. Now have access to all scheduled appointments for everyone. Be more productive with Ez-Calendar.

All your staff is color coded on the Calendar for a much easier time knowing what everyone is up to. Look by day, week, or month. Ez-Calendar is set up so everyone can check there appointments from any browser even on their smart phones.

The User Name and Password is "Demo"

For the Calendar Demo Click here
Ez-Timeclock is a replacement for your punch timeclock and manual timecards. Ez-Timeclock calculates your employees time so you dont have to. Save your employee's time and get them more productive with Ez-Timeclock. Your payroll staff can then process the time clock data centrally producing reports in minutes rather than hours. No more mistakes. Ez-Timeclock allows options where even off site employees can punch in and out on their smart phones.
* Unlimited Departments
* Unlimited Workers
* Multiple Computers
* SmartPhones

To use the Reports
The User Name and Password is "Demo"

To Demo Ez-Timeclock Click here
We Offer telephone, email support and computer direct connect
Phone: 443-333-9669

Email:  support@ez-now.com

With our direct connect, we connect with your computer which will allow us to operate your computer as if we were there

For you to use direct connect, Contact us first.  Then we will ask you to click on the link below. Please run the little app for us to connect

We will ask you for Your ID after the app starts and we will connect
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